What Are

security tokens?

A security is defined by the 4-part
"Howey Test": it's an investment of money, in a common enterprise, with an expectation of profits, solely based on the efforts of others.

Programmable equity, in the form a digital security token. It also provides automated compliance and programmable dividends.

Yes! our security token platform will allow issuers to select the jurisdiction in which they are operating and the local regulatory standard under which they would like to issue the security tokens. Based on their selections, our platform will present them with the ability to configure their security token, but only within the limits and guidelines of the local regulatory standard that they have selected.

For example, if an organization wanted to perform fundraising in accordance with a local standard which only allowed them to raise a maximum of 1 million, then our platform would only allow them to issue the tokens if the number of tokens multiplied by the price per token was under 1 million.

By using our security token platform, The State, anyone can issue security tokens in accordance with their local regulations and standards in order to legally raise funds.

Our security token platform will provide the ability to take traditional assets like stocks, real estate, company equity, and more, and tokenize them.

When you tokenize real world assets, not only do those assets become immediately available to investors from every corner of the world, they can even be traded in global markets.

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Features of our security token platform

We use cutting edge financial technology to provide cost effective alternatives to
traditional fund raising & crowdfunding, without compromising on regulatory demands.


Know your customer (KYC) refers to due diligence activities that financial institutions and other regulated companies must perform to ascertain relevant information from their clients for the purpose of doing business with them.

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Smart Contract Generation

Using our platform, you can generate smart contracts that correlate to an underlying set of documents and enforce compliance in the form of know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money-laundering (AML) regulations.

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Our platform empowers token holders with the right to vote. Token holders may vote to approve a resolution related to a private company or even as auditors trying to agree on the price of an asset.

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At the moment, all security token transactions are publicly available in the underlying blockchain of the token. While transparency is great, there are plenty of security token scenarios.

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Derivatives are one of the missing links that bridge the gap between security tokens and large institutional investors. Practically speaking, our platform allows for the addition of two extra functions.

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Off-Chain Data Access

The entire lifecycle of a security token is based on processing documents from external parties. From the creation of the smart contract to the processing of market datasets.

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Security token types

Our platform can be used to issue security tokens that have a variety of combined capabilities.

All of our security tokens, regardless of their configuration, fall into one of two different token types:
Asset Backed & Share-Like

Asset-Backed Tokens

These tokens give you an economic right to a real-world asset, such as real estate, art, and commodities.

Share-Like Tokens

These tokens have features like voting rights, dividends, profit shares, ownership stake in an entity, and even more.

About Vokez

Vokez is a multinational group of developers and other talented people who have decided to create the security token platform called The State

We have been working on the idea and developing prototypes to test our design theories for over a year now.

We so strongly believe in the potential of security tokens, that we decided that we would use the The State as a tool for the organization, incorporation, and direction of Vokez the Company.